Big Eric and the Budget Crunch




"Big Time" is currently out of print, so please feel free to download all these tunes



Clive Davis Performing Art Center Recording Studio's


"Big Steele" is a musicial collaberation with Big Eric and Rich Steele. Below are some samples of T.V. and film music.
Gypsy 1 Gypsy 3 Gypsy 4 Funk 1
Funk 2 Country 1 Country 2 Country 3
Country 4 Al's Shuffle My Bounce Souland
Raga 2 Raga 3 Cha Cha Country Store
Hey Bo Bo Opener Maverick Funky 5
Rocky Road Spacey Theme Stepping Out Swampy
Western Boy Mystery    


Big Eric Plays The Blues
Okie Dokie Stomp Don't You Lie To Me Strange Things Are Happening


Big Eric New York 1990
Big Blues Big Boogie Billy Joe
Body and Soul 1 Body and Soul 2 Stompin